Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers at PFCU

Occasionally funds need to be sent or received quickly and a wire transfer is the answer! At this time, PFCU does not perform wire transfers TO or FROM foreign countries.

Outgoing Wire Transfers - to Another Financial Institution

Your signature is required to send an outgoing wire transfer to another financial institution. If you cannot come into one of our offices to sign, you may request a wire transfer by faxing the form to us. For your convenience, you may print the wiring form (link below), fill in the blanks, sign it and fax it to us at 517-647-5223.  For your protection, we will call you to verify the wiring information. The phone number we have for you in our system MUST have been on record for at least 30-days for us to proceed with the wire transfer.
Besides your PFCU account information, you need wiring information from the other financial institution so it is best to call them directly. Some things you will fill in on the wiring form:
  • Full name of the other financial institution
  • Their Routing and Transit number
  • Address of financial institution
  • The final recipient’s name and address
  • The final recipient’s full account number in which to deposit
  • Fee for an outgoing wire is $20.00.

Incoming Wire Transfer to a PFCU account

Your wire must be sent to:

            Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union

            Routing/Transit Number 272478075

            26555 Evergreen

            Southfield, MI 48076

Further Credit to:


            Routing & Transit # 272484056

            9077 Charlotte Hwy

            Portland, MI 48875

Final Credit to:

            Member’s name

            Members account number

            Savings or loan 4 digit extension (suffix) number

Wire Transfer Form