Convenience Pay

Loan Payment Service

Because of member demand for convenience and more payment options, you can now pay your loans using credit cards, debit cards and electronic transfers from other institutions online or over the phone.

There will be a fee of $10.00 assessed for making a payment with a credit card or debit card and a $5.00 fee for doing an electronic transfer from another institution. There are still many ways to make loan payments at PFCU with no charge.  See below. 

Methods of Payment

Pay your PFCU loan using your preferred type of payment:

  • Credit cards*
  • Debit cards*
  • Checking**

Loan Payment Process

Make loan payments by completing these simple steps:

  • Click HERE to pay online or visit (further instructions below)
  • Call any PFCU office, extension #1080 or call 866-285-2980 to access our automated loan line
  • Follow the guide to fulfill payment

Tips for Online Payments

  • Have your account number ready:  this will be a 3 - 6 digit number with NO preceding zero's
  • Have your loan ID number ready:  this will be a 1 - 4 digit number.  If your loan ID number is less than 4 digits - add zero's to the front of the number to make it a total of 4 digits.

Other Methods of Payment that are Free-of-Charge

  • Payroll deduction
  • Automatic ACH
  • Bill pay (from another financial institution)
  • If you need to make a credit card payment: go through our online banking and click on "View Your Credit Card Account".  This allows you to view transactions and also make a payment from any financial institution.
  • Mail us a payment
  • Come in to any office to get a cash advance from any teller with a debit or credit card and make a payment

Your Payment Confirmation

If you enter your email when making an online payment, you will have a confirmation emailed to you. You can print the confirmation page.  If  you are paying by phone, you will get a confirmation number. The confirmation number will also show up on your statement and history.

For more information about making loan payments with PFCU, contact us or visit your local branch.

*There is a $10.00 fee for credit and debit payments.
**There is a $5.00 fee for checking account payments.
***Payments posted after 3:30 pm EST and payments posted on the weekend or during holidays will be posted the following business day.

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