Mobile Deposit

Mobile Deposit Enhancements
  • The endorsement requirements have been reduced to “for mobile deposit” and a signature
  • Sensitivity adjustments have been made to accommodate different writing styles and abilities
  • Improved camera zoom
  • Ability to tap the screen anywhere to take a picture

Deposit checks the easy way with Mobile Deposit

  • No need to make a trip to the credit union or have to stand in line to deposit a check.
  • No need to go to an ATM to deposit a check.
  • You don’t have to mail a check and pay postage to make a deposit.
  • Now you can make a check deposit when traveling or temporarily living out of state.

You will need to initialize the app from your mobile device:

  • Go to your App store to download the App for Mobile Banking. Simply search for PFCU Mobile Banking and download the App.
  • Select the Mobile Deposit from the available features.
  • If you go to the Internet and use a browser to find our Mobile Deposit, it will not show up. However, you can download the App from there.

On the bottom right side of the screen there is an option ‘How It Works’ that explains how to use Mobile Deposit.

To Make a Deposit:

  • Choose the account in which to deposit.
  • Indicate the deposit amount.
  • The App will then instruct you to take a front and back picture of the check.
  • Click Submit.
  • You will be shown an image of the check front and back along with the account and deposit amount.
  • Click Submit.

While You Wait:

  • When you are waiting for your confirmation of the deposit you will receive the following message to indicate your deposit is being processed: Making deposit. This may take a few moments to process.

Successful Deposit:

  • If the deposit was successfully accepted for processing, this pop-up message is displayed: Your check has been accepted!
  • Click OK.

Deposit History:

  • You are able to view your history of the deposits made.
  • This will show the date, time*, amount of the deposit and the status.
  • If the deposit is ‘Pending’ it is waiting for review.
  • You will be able to view the deposit by clicking on the amount.

* The time of the deposit will register as California time - Pacific Time Zone.

Deposit Details:

  • You are able to view the date, time, amount, deposit status and the front and back of the check.

What If Something Goes Wrong?

  • If there is a problem with the deposit, you will receive a message indicating the issue: The amount you entered did not match the amount detected. Please re-enter amount and retake photo.
  • Click OK.


Review PFCU's Mobile Deposit Terms and Conditions.

Note: To use the PFCU mobile application, you must have an IOS mobile device that is on one of the two most recent versions of the IOS operating system, or an Android mobile device that is on one of the two most recent versions of the Android Operating System. The PFCU mobile application is not supported by the Windows phone and/or Operating system.


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