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Guiding you toward financial success

We know you have financial responsibilities to handle. That’s why we have a free Financial Counseling Program for members – to help you manage all of your money matters.

Meet your financial goals

  • Create a budget
  • Balance your checkbook
  • Save for special occasions
  • Pay off loan debt
  • Make rent and mortgage payments
  • Improve or build your credit
  • Get ready for retirement

Supporting our commitment to “Experiencing LIFE with YOU,” our licensed Financial Counselors work with you to understand your unique financial situation, and provide solutions to support your specific needs.

Meet our financial counselors

  • Amanda Keller
  • Ben Weller
  • Karen Boswell
  • Mandy Schrauben
  • Joe Krieger

Succeed at all your life stages with the expert consult of our Financial Counselors.

To set up an appointment today, please call 517-647-7571 x 1000 or email